Topics of the lectures of the preliminary course
Spiritual science which is capable to change the life

  University which is distinct from others. The status, purposes and tasks.
  Who am I? New things about consciousness. How to achieve self-respect and feeling of self dignity.
  How to rule (control) yourself.
  About that One, who removes sorrow and l grants the fortune of happiness.
  Three gifts (Knowledge, Power and Virtues).
  Ancient Raja yoga. Practice and achievements.
  Influence of food on mind and influence of mind on food.
  Three aspects of time. How past becomes future. Beneficial time of transformation.
  The Law of action in the world of actions.
  History of rise and fall of humanity.
  Achieving of internal powers.
  Genealogical tree of mankind.
  Secrets of happiness, love, health and prosperity.
  Harmony of relationships.
  Paradise - myth or reality? Liberation and salvation.
  How to become worthy of the World of Happiness.
  History of the University.

Place of conducting the course: Moscow, Prospect Andropova, 35
  Phone (499) 612-51-28.


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