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Fire of transformation
Celebration of the Pancake week
In Saint Petersburg Center Brahma Kumaris
March 2005

There is no such a person on the Earth, which would not like festivals.
The festivals are communication with the nears and dears, rich table, presents, music and dance, smile and laugh.
But very often we see such events: day went away and the atmosphere of joy and
lightness became dull and boring…

Is it possible to make every day of my life as a festival?
Yes, it is possible if the festival is not simple for the namesake. If we not celebrate the festival as a routine thing, but bring the newness in our life, become free from the burden of the old and unnecessary habits. To celebrate means to be changed, to become better and more pure. To celebrate means to wish other to be happy, wealthy and healthy. To donate them if not the material things but smile, the warm words, care and attention.

And we can do it every day!
And when will it better to begin such wonderful life?
It is better when the Pancake week will begin!

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