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B.K.Vijay's Visit to Sochi
16-20 May 2002

B.K.Vijay visited the southern Russian town of Sochi 16-20 May on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the B.K.Centre here.
About 50 B.K. students welcomed him with traditional Russian "bread-and-salt" and the cultural programme. B.K.Vijay gave them remembrances and best wishes from the teachers and students of Moscow and Saint Petersburg Centres.

Classes for students covered such important topics as "How to become a worthy child, sincere student and accurate follower of God", "The art of becoming and remaining full" and others. Chit-chats took place on maintaining unity and respect in relationships and the role of brothers (men) in the task of spiritual service.

On Friday, 17 May, bro. Vijay met Sochi senior psychotherapist Mr. Evgueny Khabarov. The experienced doctor remembered with love his visit to the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu a few years ago.

A public lecture held on Saturday, 18 May, in the conference-hall of the "Black Sea Re-sort" newspaper office gathered together around 100 listeners. The topic "Consciousness. Time. Karma" triggered lively interest of the audience. Many guests expressed their desire to learn more about the spiritual knowledge, and so a new basic course of Spiritual Knowledge and Raja Yoga Meditation is due to start in a few days.

The 10th anniversary of the B.K. Centre was celebrated on Sunday, 19 May, in a hall beautifully decorated with flowers, garlands and balloons. Celebrations started with the drama "The Mystery of the Golden Key, or Adventures of Buratino". The play about Buratino (the Russian counterpart of world-famous Pinocchio) was staged by the B.K.Centre students. In the epilogue the curtain at the back of the stage was raised and everyone could enjoy a magnificent scene of the Golden Age!

Addressing the guests and students B.K.Vijay rendered hearty greetings on the occasion of the Jubilee and suggested they should promise to create 10 powerful positive thoughts early in the morning at least during the following 10 days. "Let it be our gift to God on this auspicious occasion", he added. After the candle-lighting and cake-cutting ceremony the guests could enjoy delicious meals while listening to the B.K. students sharing their experience.

The town of Sochi located on the Black Sea coast is one of the most beautiful Russian towns. During bro. Vijay's trip the B.K. students went out for meditation in a motor boat and also had a trip to the "Red Meadow", a picturesque mountain site about 7 thousand feet above the sea level where the snow never melts all year round.

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