Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg Brahma Kumaris Centre Participating in the International Conference"Renewable Energy - 2003"

4-6 November 2003

На русском языке

From 4 to 6 November St. Petersburg hosted the international conference "Renewable Energy - 2003: Modern Situation, Problems, Trends" organised under the auspices of Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, City Administration of St. Petersburg, European Association for Renewable Energies, World Wind Energy Association and the Folkcenter for Renewable Energy.

Dense fog, typical of St. Petersburg, enveloped the prestigious building of the Institute of International Educational Programmes. However inside, in a comfortable and well-equipped conference-hall, representatives of Russia, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Canada and some other countries were talking about the Sun and the use of its unending energy for the benefit of mankind.

The presentation by B.K. Santosh, St. Petersburg Brahma Kumaris Centre, highlighted unique developments by the Brahma Kumaris and the World Renewal Spiritual Trust in using sun and wind energy. A slide-show of about 30 slides covered practical use of renewable energy resources for cooking, water-heating and other purposes in educational campuses of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Delhi, Abu Road and Mount Abu.

"We believe that true spirituality is not all about internal development of human being. It is also about man's harmony with the world around him and with nature. Therefore all the educational campuses of the Brahma Kumaris both in India and abroad are designed and created in an eco-friendly way", said B.K. Santosh.

Participants were especially interested to see the photos of a solar cooking system installed in Shantivan in 1998 for cooking about 38 000 meals a day! The system generates 3500 kg of steam daily. The solar cooking system for 2000 people recently installed in the Om Shanti Retreat Centre was also demonstrated.

The thrilling presentation was concluded with special good wishes for all scientists, engineers and designers to make effort together to achieve harmonious relations of mankind and nature for peace, prosperity and ushering the Golden Age on this earth.

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