of the participants of the creative festival "Rainbow of Peace"
to the children of the world
dedicated to the Day of Child Protection,

Lefortovo Park, Moscow
2 June, 2001
Administration of Lefortovo District, Moscow
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Moscow


e, the participants of the creative festival dedicated to the Day of Protection of Children, realizing the importance of gift of virtues for all children of the world, have constructed a symbolic Rainbow of Peace where:

  • the red colour symbolizes love, worthiness, determination, aspiration towards the noble aim, self-confidence, enthusiasm, courage;
  • the orange colour symbolizes cheerfulness, big-heartedness, nobility, optimism, attitude of appreciation, mercy, generosity;
  • the yellow colour symbolizes happiness, selflessness, freedom, sincerity, sense of humor, attitude of benevolence, creativity;
  • the green colour symbolizes calmness, freshness, tenderness, harmony, tolerance, simplicity, unity;
  • the blue colour symbolizes purity, lightness, stability, ability to judge, faithfulness, clarity, practicality;
  • the indigo colour symbolizes inner peace, discipline, honesty, intuition, economy, responsibility, respect;
  • the purple colour symbolizes wisdom, maturity, depth, trusteeship, justice, self-respect, humility.

    We are firmly convinced that these moral qualities are very essential for the happy, healthy and harmonious life. Let us bring these qualities in our life and use them in our day to day activities, in our relationships with each other and with our seniors. Then these virtues will become a colourful canopy of protection from violence and negative influence.
Unity of our thoughts and actions will change the world!

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