Brief Report of Programmes

Moscow, Russia

    A public programme on the theme "Personality of purity, Peace and Power" (January 21, 2002) was held with the aim to reveal about what the elevated features of the personality are and to acquaint the listeners with the life story of Prajapita Brahma, the founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

  The programme began with some short stories about some personalities who were the embodiment of purity, peace and power in life. The history retains the memory when purity makes man holy, and love for people and selfless service helps them obtain the inner peace and powers that inspire others. It was stated that these qualities were the treasures of man's life. Such people can render assistance to all, and can experience happiness themselves.

  The meditation allows us to experience virtues and comprehend our own value. God's love and peace, purity and powers of man are a wonderful instrument for the world transformation. Man should gain the lost treasures of virtues back and this would be his victory. In the mirror of the pure intellect, a person can see himself as a spiritual being — soul.

  The listeners then were told about Prajapita Brahma, wonderful person and founder of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, whose fine qualities uplifted, inspired and encouraged men and women to be honest, to be good and morally sound. When he was about 60 he had unique experiences: lightness, peace, happiness and presence of God, as being Ocean of bliss, peace and love. He learned from Him that having established the connection with the Supreme, one can free oneself from the past sinful actions, and that the world can be transformed into "Golden Age". It was the practice of the soul consciousness that made him as a personality of purity, peace and power. The programme had a beautiful end with the practice of the experience of deep silence.

  Introductory Course was also conducted followed by the programme covering the themes on the philosophy of Karma, positive thinking, the art of getting on with others by establishing good relationships. From the first couple of lessons the students got the experience of how to overcome the stress in difficult situations.

  Another public programme was held on the theme "Liberation from fear — essential condition of a healthy living" (April 5, 2002).

  One of the participants put forward a thesis that it was necessary for person facing stress situations to learn to control himself. Control over oneself helps to check the situations around us in order to avoid panic or, in other words, fear. Some physicians affirmed that it was possible to conquer even the chronic disease, if a patient is in mood for the recovery. Fear of the chronic disease makes the disease incurable. The treatment should go along with the spiritual purification.

B.K. Sudha mentioned the death fear as the most common for many people. She suggested few aspects of spiritual knowledge for overcoming it, such as :

  The Programme completed with the meditation during which the listeners got the experience of peace of mind and spiritual powers.

  A series of medical seminars under the general theme "The Basis of good health" were also held. The purpose of these seminars was to discuss what was meant by "the spiritual health", its basis and its role in achieving the perfect health. (February 22, March 15, April 19, 2002)

  These seminars included the following sub-themes:

  I."The Positive Thinking — basis of Good Health".

  II."Rehabilitation of the patients of Cardio-Vascular diseases by means of healthy way of life, meditation and properdiet".

  III."Eyes are the Mirror of Soul — do you want to improve the eyesight?"

  IV."How to avoid the Drug Dependence"

  Medico-social exhibition on precautions against the Drug Addiction "Say NO to Drugs" was opened with the help of Moscow city administration.

  The inauguration of the exhibition took place in the presence of teachers, students, social workers of the Lefortovo district and others at Lefortovo Social Caring Centre, Government of Moscow.

  The purpose of the exhibition is to give advice and consultations to the teenagers, their parents, school teachers to save the new generation from the deadly danger and also to help people make the right choice. The participants stated that the alcoholism and drug addiction resulting in the spiritual degradation had become the disease that has penetrated all the layers of the society in the world.

  The drug addiction is one of the main problems of socio-economic life in any modern society (in Russia, in particular), stated the participants. It was pointed out that every second citizen under 25 years of age is likely to become a drug addict in 10-20 years. It means that the number of delinquency would greatly increase, as well as the spreading of the infections. The mental and intellectual state of the rising generation threatens the existence of the society itself. Therefore, the organization of anti-drugs propaganda and revival of values in the youth is important task of the progressive mankind.

  The exhibition will be open throughout the whole year. It includes 10 placards which explain to the visitors 3 main themes: medical, social consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction and precautions against the drug addiction and alcoholism.

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