Presentation of the Diploma and Golden Medal "The Palm of Peace"
to the Russian branch of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Moscow.

The Palm of Peace

Culture of Peace in Russia

In September, 2001 the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Moscow celebrated the 12th anniversary of its activities on the territory of Russia and CIS. Aim of the organization is to revive the moral and spiritual values among people.

On behalf of the Commission, UNESCO Affairs in the Russian Federation and the UNESCO Representation in Russia Mr. Valeri Sakharov, National Co-ordinator of the project "Culture of Peace in Russia - the Year of 2000", presented the university the Memorial Golden Medal "The Palm of Peace" and Diploma "for the active and fruitful work on the dissemination of the ideas of the culture of peace and non-violence, international and interconfessional concord, dialogue and co-operation among people, cultures and civilizations within the UNESCO Programme "On the Path to the Culture of Peace" and the project "Culture of Peace in Russia - the Year of 2000".

Delivering the award, Mr. Sakharov said: "During twelve years the Brahma Kumaris has been carrying out a world-wide, all-round and effective task. The response of your activities in the country is great. The university is known and is very well known as a good one. Your teachers have made a considerable contribution to the moral education and spiritual ascent not only for those who are students, but for the various strata of the population in Russia. The university has become one of the pioneers in the support of the movement for the culture of peace in our country.

We have established good working contacts with you, and these contacts were useful. We witnessed the activity and enthusiasm of those who held the main events, and noted the diversity and brightness in your work, and their uniqueness and lively flexibility. The efficiency of your work can be valued by the number of the signatures collected under "Manifest - 2000", in support of Culture of Peace. The university has made the main contribution in the collection of signatures in our country. And I can say it with certainty.

The university's activities were useful not only to our Project, not only to Russian people but also to the university itself, because it got known more, it got interested more, and it became consolidated on the Russian spiritual scenery. I believe that the continuation of the university's activities in the spirit of the culture of peace will be useful not only to the country, not only to the Russian people but to the whole world.

The world being on the thresh hold of the XXI century, is facing new challenges of violence.

Nazism, fascism was the plague of the XXth century. As for the international terrorism, it is still more terrible disease of the new century. And it is necessary to have courage to encounter it having maintained our heart clean. Now all the countries of the world are willing to create an anti-terroristic coalition. This front will be wide, and include the representatives of different races and religions. And I think that in opposition to this awful phenomenon your university will occupy its worthy place".

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