Gala Concert "Awakening of Light, or the Palette of Happiness"
December 9,2001, Central House of Scientists, Moscow

    The charitable gala concert organised by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Moscow crowned the passing year proclaimed the Year of Dialogue of Civilisations by the United Nations.

    Many well-known performers responded and took part in this unique concert. Among them were –

  • Berute Shulskene, Honoured Artist of Russia;
  • Guerman Apaikin, Honoured Artist of Russia;
  • Andrey Skenderov, Honoured Artist of Russia;
  • Olga Raginskaya, soloist of Moscow State Philharmonic Society;
  • Ekaterina Netsvetajeva, international contests winner;
  • Combined Choir of children and youth of Russia – Gueorgy Struve, artistic director, composer, academician, People's Artist of Russia;
  • Moscow State Dance Ensemble "Russian Seasons" – Nikolai Androsov, Honoured Artist of Russia, artistic director and chief ballet-master;
  • Children's ballet group "Nadezhda" – Natalya Axenova-Shilling, Honoured Artist of Russia, artistic director;
  • Students of Dance school of the New Humanitarian University named after N.Nesterova.
  • Emin Marterosyan and Mikhail Isachenkov from the Spivakov International Foundation;
  • Petr Gulko, director of special programmes, laureate of international festivals;
  • Brass quintet of Defence Ministry of Russian Federation conducted by Valery Volodin;
  • Nehru Cultural Centre under the Embassy of India in Russia.

    Differing in age and genre, the performers had a common desire – to share the best of their heart and soul selflessly so that the world shine with all colours of the rainbow. They had a hearty wish for the White Light of Purity to pervade and the Palette of Happiness to sparkle. Inner unity and compassion of the audience was amazing as they together with the performers were discovering their wonderful specialities and lighting up their inner Light of Goodness and Perfection.

    A magnificent Firebird appeared on the stage symbolising the inner impulse of the soul towards the Light.



Our world is a vast Stage where every Colour
plays its special role in this unlimited Drama of Life.

     The Fairy-Queen surrounded with tiny Stars, her dearly-loved disciples and helpers, waved her magic stick, and the Prologue started with a video clip on how it was important to see oneself in the mirror of perfection and to believe in the power of the soul.

After the video clip the University students dressed in traditional Russian costumes performed a beautiful dance ""The Swan".

    The song performed by a University student said about the highest-on-high Star that donates peace, happiness and love to all.

Happiness has many shades. As the White Light consists of different colours, so Happiness also includes many virtues and moral values. The concert was designed in such a way so as to show how Happiness is coming to the world.


When we find powers in ourselves to forget the past,
To leave offence and mistakes behind,
When we can forgive others and ourselves, –
We open the doors into the Land of Happiness
Where everything is easy and natural. Just as in childhood.



The First Chapter – "The Birth of the Blue Colour" the speciality of which is being light, easy and carefree.

In her dance "The Birth of a Bird" a young student showed the first unconfident steps the Soul makes after coming in this world.

During all the items in this Chapter clouds were floating on the background screen.

Berute Shulskene won the listeners' hearts with her unique voice, the depth of feelings and artistic skill.

Young Ekaterina Netsvetajeva charmed everyone with a tender harp melody.

Continuing the theme of Lightness and Easiness the Dance school students of the New Humanitarian University performed pa-de-de from the "Konyok Gorbunok" ballet.

Then young dancers from the children's ballet group "Nadezhda" came on the stage. They performed a Russian dance with amazing grace. The charming music by Chaikovski and gracious movements of the young dancers created the atmosphere of harmony and beauty.

Emin Marterosyan performed "Allegro-Apassionato" by K. Sen-Sans on the cello to the accompaniment of young pianist Mikhail Isachenkov.

The Combined Choir of children and youth of Russia conducted by G. Struve turned out to be the highlight of the programme.


If the Bird of Happiness touched you with her wing
And made your life beautiful, do not frighten her away, whatever happens.
Protect her. Find Courage in yourself to protect your Happiness
From any storms and winds because Happiness is an invaluable treasure.




The items in the Second Chapter entitled "The Birth of the Golden-Red Colour" were filled with Wisdom, Peace and Greatness. The video clip "Mountain Tops" and the dance "Ascension" performed by BKWSU students opened the Chapter.

The theme of Peace and Greatness was continued by the song "The Rock."

The Moscow State Dance Ensemble "Russian Seasons" showed a magnificent Hungarian dance shining with cheerfulness and high professionalism.

Olga Raginskaya brilliantly performed J. Bise's aria "Agnos Dei".

The brass quintet of the Russian Federation Defence Ministry played "The Eternal Movement" by I. Strauss brightly and enthusiastically.

At the end of this Chapter the audience could enjoy the brilliant mastery and strong voice of Guerman Apaikin.


When Light enters our world
It revives all the Colours.
They shed their night dresses
And once again wear the Costume of Perfection.



The items of the Third Chapter "The Birth of the Emerald-Green Colour" showed a diversity of life. Green is the colour of Patience and Joy, Generosity and Goodness. They are united with the desire to share the Light and Purity that everyone of us possesses. We have to share so that to give at least one more spark of True Love to the world. And then Happiness would enter our home easily and naturally and will stay there forever. All the items of the Chapter were accompanied with beautiful video landscapes. The Chapter opened with the video clip "The Fair Valley".

Echoing its theme A. Skenderov performed a romance by P. Chaikovski "I bless you, the woods…"

The soloists of the Nehru Cultural Centre under the Embassy of India showed by their picturesque dance "The Awakening" how happy the Man is when he lives in harmony with Nature.

F. Shubert's "Ave Maria" performed by Berute Shulskene with deepest feelings was awarded with prolonged applause of the audience.

Continuing the noble spiritual trend of the concert, the video story "The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" after F. Dostoyevski showed that Heaven, the world of Truth where all are happy, could exist on this Earth.

And then in apotheosis the Firebird came to life – light, graceful, clad in a beautiful costume shining with all colours. Her dance gave the audience a feeling of support and confidence in the triumph of Goodness and Happiness. It conveyed the message that all of us can create the atmosphere of Love, Happiness and Mutual Understanding after discovering in ourselves the Light of Goodness.

This divine dance was followed with the dance "Harmony".


Everyone of us is a Divine Spark of Light, Invisible and Eternal.
We come to this world to Give.
To Give the world our unique Shade, Our unique Light.
We just have to look in the Mirror of Perfection,
In the Mirror of Perfect Light.
And then the world would light up again with Wonderful White Light.
A New Day will come and shine with all colours
Of Perfection, Harmony and Happiness.





The final part "Awakening of White Light". All the Colours occupied their place in the Palette of Happiness and gave the world pure, white Light. The Light of transformation of the Soul. The Light of Harmony, Perfection and the New Day. United in their desire to attain Light and Perfection, all the participants of the gala concert came on the stage with their final song of happiness "We are Together". "Together we shall revive love on this Earth, and then a merry laughter will be heard everywhere", sang the participants of the gala concert including the Combined Choir of children and youth of Russia directed by G. Struve.

After that the audience was heartily greeted by Sudha Rani Gupta, director of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow and honoured guests.

The final moments of the concert passed in the atmosphere of general enthusiasm, in the splendour of all colours. All the spectators experienced that people of the world could live in unity and harmony. When people speak the language of Art, wars, international and inter-religious conflicts become impossible. All the spectators took with them the atmosphere of festival and happiness filled with peace and harmony.

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