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The Great Mission of Woman
Public program
"God's Instruments for Renewal of the World"
March 2005

Dadi Pracashmany, Head of  BKWSU
"I believe that time will come when all conflicts and war are finished and Love, Peace and Happiness are restored on the Earth. I would like to send this message for all people of the world: You will be very happy if you remember precept of Love and Purity. There is no food better than happiness. Be happy yourself and make others happy. Happiness is the most precious gift in life. Be happy, be wealthy!" (Dadi Pracashmany, Head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University)


Can one person become the instrument for renewal of the world?
Four qualities of women that can renew the world
Answers of participants of the meeting
asked about women's qualities that they recommended
to have the men also
About Mother of all virtues and powers

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